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Health Foods for You are supporting organic September.  Do you want to know exactly what’s in your food? All organic food is fully traceable from farm to fork, so you can be sure of what you’re eating. The standards for organic food are laid down in European law so any food labelled as organic must meet strict rules. Environmentally sustainable (…) management of the land and natural environment – this means more wildlife!

Good things happen when you go organic

  • organic milk and meat contain around 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic.
  • organic meat had slightly lower concentrations of two saturated fats
  • organic milk and dairy contains slightly higher concentrations of iron, Vitamin E and some carotenoids
  • organically produced crops (cereals, fruit and vegetables) up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic.
  • organic fruit and veg contain lower concentrations of pesticides and the toxic heavy metal cadmium.

(** research published in the British Journal of Nutrition)

Come into the shop to learn more and how you can make a difference. This month Jane will offer 10 % OFF her organic seeds, grains, nuts, fruits & pulses to pass on fantastic savings and enable you not only to stock up but to try something new. Make sure you don’t miss out and sign up to receive details of future events and taster days.

Chilled and frozen foods are available with a strong influence of vegan, organic, raw and superfoods.

Health Foods for You the friendly independent having recently relocated to North Street. Jane is confident that she is in a much better position.

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Focusing on regular training to offer you advice on the comprehensive ranges in the shop along with support and options on what will help get you optimum results for your individual health and wellness.

The shop will be open every day Monday – Thursday with opening hours from 9 – 4 Friday 9 – 5.30 and Saturdays 9-5 extended opening time.

You can contact the friendly team on 01787 828262