Light, air, peace and thought flows throughout.  A beautiful building with a rich heritage that can start you on a journey to explore Sudbury.  Books on the history and heritage of Sudbury and how the town has developed.  Internet flows into the centre and provides a source of further knowledge and experience. Knowledgeable staff that can assist with finding information that you require and others who can help you plan a visit, accommodation or day out.  A trip to Sudbury library is more than a local facility, it is a destination in its own right.

The library building is the former Corn Exchange, described in the History of Sudbury, by Grimwood and Kay on page 87 as “Another innovation of the nineteenth century was the building of the Corn Exchange in 1841 by the Sudbury House Company, on the site of the old Coffee House, on the south side of the Market Hill.  This was opened on 13 October 1842……”  and from the building listing – this great Victorian stone building, by “H E Kendall has a façade of four columns linked by a heavy entablature and each column surmounted by a pinnacle in form of a sheaf of corn. There is balustrading between the two outer columns. There is a large central arched doorway window with elaborate fanlight and an arched window with elaborate headwork between the outer columns each side. The centre front is ramped up above the level of the balustrading each side and is surmounted by a group of labourers, sickles and sheaves. Interior fitted out for library purposes.”

So call in and enjoy the history and heritage with free entry!  We feel sure that you will enjoy the experience and that you will learn something about Sudbury and find answers to your own questions, or at least enjoy the search!

Please consider becoming a Friend of Sudbury Library.  As well as general support to the library, their aim is to

  • Improve the library’s visibility in the community
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Your help and support would be greatly appreciated and more information can be found at: –  or better still call in at the library, have a look at the wonderful building, and ask for an application form.