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How do you know what the world will look like with your new spectacles?   Drage and Tozer are very excited to have a new Virtual Reality Headset to help patients experience their new spectacle lenses before ordering them!   Dispensing Optician Andrea Hunt said ‘ It has always been difficult to explain to patients the effects or (…)benefits of different lenses and coatings, now, using the Nautilus headset they can experience it for themselves.
She continued, ‘Patients can see with a 360 view the impact of a certain lens on their day to day living. Increasingly we recommend a lens for a certain hobby or VDU use and with Nautius we can easily show the patient how the lens works.
The unit is lightweight and held by the patient. There are a number of real world simulations presented that allows them to see what near and distance vision is like through chosen lens designs’
Call in to practice and let us show you the Nautilus headset! or telephone 01787 310090 for an appointment with one of our dispensing opticians.  Siam Place, Sudbury Suffolk