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The future management of Sudbury town centre is due to change with new proposals for the Sudbury Town Team due to be developed. These changes arise largely from funding diminishing as a result of the original three year funding from the development of Sainsbury running out and changes in those running the organisation.   Sudbury (…)Town Council are currently recruiting a new Town Centre Development Manager who will work within the town hall. Jane Hatton has moved to running the very successful “Beat The Streets” which is now encouraging an active lifestyle Sam Bawden is standing down as Chair of the Town Team due to the increased demands on his time from both work and family life.”

Sam Bawden said ”Two years ago, I was elected as chair of the Town Team. I was delighted to take on that role and have enjoyed doing what I can to assist the team with promoting the needs of the town centre since then.

In resigning, I would like to make it clear that I strongly believe in the aims of the Town Team and am proud of what it has achieved. I (and Holmes & Hills generally) will of course continue to support the Town Team as much as possible.  The Sudbury Town Team works hard to promote Sudbury, it’s businesses and all Sudbury has to offer.”

The Town Team is a non-political, non-profit making group representing the interests of local businesses and keeps shops and the businesses in town up to date, not only with their projects but with information on grants and support which is available to them, and being a line of communication. Apart from the bigger projects like the Taste of Sudbury Food & Drink Festival which they have organised for the last four years, the new website and mobile app to promote Sudbury, the Town Team provides monthly “What’s On” articles which are published by the local press, newsletters, magazines and websites. The Town Team have also organised the Shop Local Campaign which has been promoted widely over the last couple of years in December and in 2015 this also included the Christmas Window Display and Best Mince Pie Competition.  They support other groups with their promotion of events and worked hard earlier this year to ensure that everyone was aware of the strong opposition to any introduction of any additional car parking charges in Sudbury.

Funding changes and a need to ensure that it is fit for the future requires a new emphasis and structure and this will be developed over the next few months with the aim of ensuring the future sustainability of Taste of Sudbury and to take the organisation forward with a smaller clearly focused budget that can support the business of the town centre.

If you are interested in getting involved with the group then please email