From May to July, Sudbury can expect an increase in its visitor numbers and some of our celebrities are real high flyers!  Indeed they are so important that special accommodation has had to be provided just for them.  You could say that they get a ringing endorsement from the town as their home is in the bell tower to St Peters Church!

Swifts are a beautiful bird which need help as nesting sites have become more scarce as buildings are sealed up to stop other birds and animals getting in.  Consequently, nesting boxes have been fitted in the church and further works are planned to encourage an increasing population of swifts in Sudbury.  In order to raise awareness of the swift, copies of the booklet, “I am a swift – I am in trouble” are available at St Peters Church and at the Tourist Information Centre in the Library.  We ask for a minimum payment of £2.50 per copy and profits from sales are all used to support the nest box project and it is hoped to provide a video link within the church to the nesting boxes in due course as funds become available.

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